0000133: [Client] MTAClient won't run in Windows XP (ixjf)
0000121: [Client] Chat not showing in chat text area (Shows in console) (Callum)
0000142: [Server] Combine 32-bit and 64-bit Makefiles (SugarD-x)
0000139: [Server] MTAServer operating system detection needs to be rewritten (SugarD-x)
0000144: [Client] Vendor and shared file paths for the client need moving and correcting (SugarD-x)
0000132: [Server] Mac OS X server builds are causing MTAClient connections to timeout upon connecting (SugarD-x)
0000042: [Server] Support for Macintosh servers (SugarD-x)
0000106: [Client] Entering a vehicle may crash random players (ixjf)
0000130: [Server] Server is dropping packets for exceeded limit on client connection only in release builds (SugarD-x)
0000043: [Client] Error after connecting again (ixjf)
0000026: [Client] Infinite money bug
0000017: [GUI / DirectX] Replace UI with win32 API (ixjf)
       0000051: [Client] Reintegrate client's server list (ixjf)
0000039: [Other] Rewrite chat handling for server and client (ixjf)
0000088: [Other] Vendor files need updating (ixjf)
0000046: [Synchronization] Synchronization completely broken (ixjf)
0000052: [Other] MTAClient and MTAServer cannot be debugged (Callum)
0000076: [Server] Data usage stats don't include Remote Admin connections (ixjf)
0000044: [Server] Support Multiple of scripts not only 1 (Callum)
0000040: [Server] Update server bans to XML (ixjf)
0000050: [Client] Unable to launch GTA3 (ixjf)
0000048: [Scripting] Player/vehicle Lua functions don't check if they exist (ixjf)
0000009: [Scripting] Add optional player argument to outputChatBox (Callum)
0000041: [Other] Upgrade solution to use Visual Studio 2010 (Callum)
0000035: [Client] "Player Nick In Use" error message when reconnecting after timeout without internet access (Callum)
0000005: [Server] Intergrate XML to server (Stormeus)
0000012: [Scripting] onPlayerChat (Callum)
0000016: [Scripting] Lua resources system (Callum)
0000032: [Server] Sort out Lua (5.1 vs 5.2) (Callum)
0000031: [Client] Out-Game MOTD not displaying after server join (Towncivilian)
0000025: [Client] Remove deprecated GTA3 1.0 support code in GameGTA3 (Towncivilian)
0000001: [Scripting] Add timers to Lua scripting (Callum)
0000027: [Client] Dying in GTA 3 causes client crash (VRocker)
0000029: [Server] Dying in a vehicle causes everybody to crash (VRocker)
0000028: [Client] CRCs are broken in nightly r1 (Callum)
0000023: [Server] Fix compiling MTA Server on Linux (Maccer)
0000024: [Server] Add cURL for MTA Server (Callum)
0000003: [Client] Crash upon joining multiplayer session (Callum)
0000011: [Scripting] Cancelling events (Callum)
0000013: [Scripting] onPlayerMove event (Callum)
0000014: [Client] Linker issue warning on compilation (Callum)
0000010: [Scripting] getPlayerScore method (Callum)
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0000058: [Network] Incorrect password reports wrong error message (SugarD-x)
0000063: [GUI] Application reports the wrong version number (SugarD-x)
0000060: [Other] Application source files need upgrading to Visual Studio 2013 (SugarD-x)
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0000127: [Twitter] GitHub Services integration for Twitter is shutting down and needs replacement (SugarD-x)
0000125: [Facebook] Facebook page needs creation and design (SugarD-x)
0000123: [Internet Relay Chat] Discord-IRC Relay bot should ignore other bots and integrations (SugarD-x)
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Released 2021-12-29
0000082: [Wiki] The wiki needs updating (SugarD-x)
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