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0000139Multi Theft AutoServerpublic2018-09-30 07:13
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Product Version0.6 
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Summary0000139: MTAServer operating system detection needs to be rewritten
DescriptionThe operating system detection for MTAServer needs to be rewritten so the source code properly defines the appropriate operating system being used during the compiling process. This will allow for specific tweaks to the source code that better apply to specific operating systems.
Additional InformationMTAServer already supports both generic win32 and Linux definitions, however they are extremely broad, and the code currently only checks them by defining anything with a GNU Compiler as "Linux", and any other compiler as "win32". This should be redone properly so that specific operating systems can be defined correctly in the code.

For reference:

Currently MTAServer defines the names as MTAS_LINUX and MTAS_WIN32 in its source code. These can be reused, however it may also be beneficial to later force the operating system detection to use proper naming schemes to avoid further conflicts down the road. This would be especially helpful to our open sourcing plans.
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