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0000034Multi Theft AutoOtherpublic2024-02-15 10:31
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Product Version0.6 
Summary0000034: Add IPv6 Support
DescriptionAs the internet is constantly evolving, and other competing Grand Theft Auto multiplayer modifications have begun to support, IPv6 has proven to be slowly becoming a new standard that should work by default in MTA 0.5.1. Even if support for the mod is ended when the Blue core is released, allowing it to still connect over IPv6 ensures that future users who wish to play the "old school version" can still do so without issue. It also allows for more hosting capabilities and compatibility in the near future when IPv6 goes fully active across the internet.
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Additional InformationIPv6 does not replace IPv4, the current internet protocol used by this game modification, however it should work in addition to it. Domain names running on IPv6 should also be able to be resolved via the modification just as IPv4 domains already can be.
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2018-09-03 05:52

administrator   ~0000170

This needs to be added, as the Linux and Mac OS X server builds already support it, and are forcefully overriding IPv4 addresses where able.


2024-02-15 10:31

administrator   ~0000203

This appears to be partially supported in the Windows server now after cURL was updated, however there are still some caveats that require us to go over the network code and configuration files to fully support it. I believe the client is also lacking the ability to correctly enter in IPv6 addresses, although I'm not sure how it will actually handle attempting to connect with them once it does. We may need to update it in order to do so.

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