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0000140Multi Theft AutoServerpublic2018-09-12 22:54
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Summary0000140: The "sys/timeb.h" included header needs to be ignored in OpenBSD, if possible
DescriptionThe "sys/timeb.h" header file is being included with *nix-based builds of MTAServer, however it is considered obsolete in OpenBSD, and is preventing MTAServer from being compiled on that operating system. This header's usage in the *nix-based builds is not known, and needs to be checked to ensure that it is still not being actively used. If it is, an alternative solution to the issue needs to be looked into.
Additional InformationUbuntu and Mac OS X builds do not complain during the compiling process about the inclusion of "sys/timeb.h", however OpenBSD does. This does not affect any Windows builds. It is not yet known if FreeBSD is also affected or not.

An online reference to the source code of "sys/timeb.h" can be found here:

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2018-09-12 22:54

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This appears to be related to the header file and its referenced function of "ftime" being deprecated in modern versions of *nix-based and BSD-based operating systems. The reference needs to be replaced within MTAServer to correct the problem.

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