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0000042Multi Theft AutoServerpublic2018-09-01 20:14
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Summary0000042: Support for Macintosh servers
DescriptionAs Linux and Macintosh use similar programming concepts and functions, it shouldn't be too hard to extend server support for Apple Macintosh. As rare as Macintosh servers are, there are still people who use them.

My only concern is how we can test and compile the code for Macintosh. Do any developers have a Macintosh?
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2012-09-10 22:54

administrator   ~0000018

Last edited: 2012-09-10 22:55

Keep in mind, to correctly support this, it can only be made compatible with the Intel x86/x86-64 architecture on the Intel-based Mac systems. PowerPC, due to the differing architecture, would likely not be able to support this, unless somehow made usable under the "Universal Binary" Mac OS X standards.

It is likely that any Mac OS versions prior to Mac OS X won't be supported for multiple reasons.


2012-09-11 13:53

reporter   ~0000021

There is absolutely no point to this. Nobody uses a mac server and the marketshare for mac desktops is only 5% of the world.
If you want to port it to something useful you could port it to BSD instead, Mac is a bastardised version of BSD after all plus BSD is used on quite a few servers.


2018-08-02 15:41

administrator   ~0000119

I don't see why both couldn't be done.

That being said, I do have access to a Hackintosh setup now that I could test it on. No idea how it will react to that environment, but theoretically it should work. I also have an older PowerMac-based system somewhere I could set up, but I don't think this code will play friendly with that CPU architecture.


2018-09-01 02:44

administrator   ~0000166

This is officially working, however shares a connection bug with Ubuntu builds that causes the client to timeout repeatedly upon connection. Once fixed for both build types, this will be set to "resolved", and may ship with 0.6 Nightly 2.

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