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0000149Multi Theft AutoGUI / DirectXpublic2019-03-07 15:39
ReporterSugarD-x Assigned ToCallum  
Status confirmedResolutionopen 
Product Version0.6 
Target Version0.6 
Summary0000149: In-game chat lines overlap incorrectly when too long in GTA III
DescriptionChat lines are overlapping incorrectly when a user types a multi-line message in GTA III while in-game. This causes the chat to display on top of a new line of chat that is created after, only in-game. This does not affect out-game chat.
Steps To Reproduce1. Send a very long chat message that spans multiple lines while in-game in GTA III.
2. Send another chat message after, either by yourself or another user.
3. The chat text will overlap onto a new line and cover up the new chat message.
Additional InformationI don't believe this happens in GTA:VC, but this will need to be checked there for consistency too. This appears to be caused by the new in-game chat system that was put into place for MTAClient 0.6.
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